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Quiet Light Classroom Noise Monitor


The Fun Way to Reduce Classroom Noise
  • Perfect for monitoring noise levels in classroom, daycare or at home.
  • Unit plugs into 120 volt electrical outlet with UL approved transformer.
  • Three lights (red, yellow and green).
  • Unit can stand on its own or be mounted on wall.
  • Traffic light is computerized with adjustable sound level meter (which can be set from 40 dB to 120 dB.)
  • Green light stays lit until noise in room goes above set level (determined by user), green light then goes off and flashing yellow light comes on as a warning. When sound level reaches 20 decibels above set level, red light and siren sound comes on.
  • With the revised THE ATTENTION GETTER, the user now has the option of turning the different colored lights on manually.
  • User has the option of turning siren sound off.
  • Perfect for K-12 classroom teachers to use with their students. Acceptable levels of noise can be adjusted for talk activities or louder group work.
  • Drama departments can incorporate this unit as a talk signal to alert backstage cast members of inappropriate off stage noises.
  • Nursery schools with hearing impaired students can use the unit as a visual signal.
  • University Teacher Prep Programs can use the unit to model appropriate classroom management strategies.

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SIZE: L 3.25″ W 5.5″ HT 17″

WEIGHT: 3.50 lbs.

Unit Includes: AC Adapter & 6 Replacement Bulbs.

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